Thursday, November 25, 2010


A few hours ago, my friend Sese told me that she couldn't view my blog.
BEHOLD! I checked my account and received the message that I've 'possibly' violated TOS (terms of service). *waaaaaaaaaah!*

I wasted no time to check on Google and looked for ways to get this blog back.
This has been around 2004 and thru this blog, I've documented something about my life and found friends here too.

Anyway, I've learned that there are some users that their blogs got disabled here in Blogspot. If you're experiencing it too, check this thread and follow the instructions here.

(phew!) Somehow, I got really scared at the thought I almost lost this blog.
I was delighted when I saw that my blog is active again. *hugs monitor and Google*
I never thought it's going to be this quick.

Thank you so much Sese for informing me about my blog. *glomp*


Sese said...

No problem. I was really surprised that I could not view your blog at all and thought you terminated it and moved. LOL

xian said...

nakikita ko naman blog mo pero hindi nga lang updated XD! anyways, WELCOME BACK! :D