Friday, July 15, 2011

A Change Would Do You Good - 2011 edition

So last year, I shifted using XML for this blog. I still get confused with the codes, due to the fact I haven't been active doing lay-outs using the said language.

I found a free XML template today that I liked and modified it immediately while I still have that HTML/XML enthusiasm. Anyway, for this new lay-out I got rid of the chatbox and the counter. The chatbox is just filled of spammers and the counter seemed not working anyway. For your comments/inquiries, you may just use the comment box. But be sure to leave a note to my most recent post. :)

Also, I decided to just post the active linkages I know. If your site was not included, I might have overlooked it and I apologize for that. Rest assured, I'll be glad to put it up again.

When I was checking the linkages I've gathered since I started blogging on 2004, I can't help but wonder what happened to the people I used to talk online. Some just allowed their site to die a natural death and moved on to other things. And I never heard from them ever since. Yes, change is inevitable indeed.

If ever they visit this site again one of these days, I'll be glad to hear what they've been doing these past years. I hope they're doing alright. :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

My friends and I came up with an on-line shop this year. ^_^
You'll find anime, manga, toys and cosplay-related items.
Please check it out. Prices are affordable too.
Visit our shop today!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Keeping Up With Social Networking

Good morning, everyone! :)

I just want to check on this blog again. I miss the times when Blogspot had a lot of people engaged in it. There was a phase wherein I enjoyed changing the layout every month or there's an occassion eg. Xmas, Valentine's day. Even depending on my mood. XD

These days people are blogging thru Facebook.Though you can't customized it like Blogspot. It's (Facebook) easy especially if your connections are actively using the said SNS*. You'll get feedback from those who are closest to you without changing sites.

Still, I'm keeping my Blogspot. I met wonderful people thru this site. And though most have moved in FB/other SNS. There are still few here who I keep in touch with. :)

*SNS- social networking site

Thursday, November 25, 2010


A few hours ago, my friend Sese told me that she couldn't view my blog.
BEHOLD! I checked my account and received the message that I've 'possibly' violated TOS (terms of service). *waaaaaaaaaah!*

I wasted no time to check on Google and looked for ways to get this blog back.
This has been around 2004 and thru this blog, I've documented something about my life and found friends here too.

Anyway, I've learned that there are some users that their blogs got disabled here in Blogspot. If you're experiencing it too, check this thread and follow the instructions here.

(phew!) Somehow, I got really scared at the thought I almost lost this blog.
I was delighted when I saw that my blog is active again. *hugs monitor and Google*
I never thought it's going to be this quick.

Thank you so much Sese for informing me about my blog. *glomp*