Monday, January 31, 2011

Keeping Up With Social Networking

Good morning, everyone! :)

I just want to check on this blog again. I miss the times when Blogspot had a lot of people engaged in it. There was a phase wherein I enjoyed changing the layout every month or there's an occassion eg. Xmas, Valentine's day. Even depending on my mood. XD

These days people are blogging thru Facebook.Though you can't customized it like Blogspot. It's (Facebook) easy especially if your connections are actively using the said SNS*. You'll get feedback from those who are closest to you without changing sites.

Still, I'm keeping my Blogspot. I met wonderful people thru this site. And though most have moved in FB/other SNS. There are still few here who I keep in touch with. :)

*SNS- social networking site


xian said...


kidd said...

I still prefer to blog here =)

Sese said...

/sigh I dont blog in FB. I use wordpress now that I host in my own domain.

I still want to keep the creativity of changing layouts and what nots